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A merry Christmas and a happy New Year
to all pupils past, present and future
I am still very much in business...
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2013 sees my week greatly changed. 
I have reduced the number of days I teach in schools.
I only teach privately from my home in Yate
I can offer weekday slots on Mondays and/or Fridays.

I have a waiting list for lessons; 
currently the number on that list is 




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This page focuses on my TEACHING - in and around the YATE area

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Who I am

My name is Jakey Graupner :)
Born in Patchway, South Glos, UK.
Educated in Bristol, and eventually UWE (North Bristol UK university)
Playing violin from the age of four, up to Grade VIII by my early teens, then picked up a guitar at 15, taught myself chords "in-a-day" from the ubiquitous Bert Weedon "Play-in-a-Day", and never looked back.
Admittedly, I wish I had not stopped with the violin...but it made me the mandolin player I am today!
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Where I am

I am based in Yate, South Gloucestershire, UK.
Other than 3 schools in S Glos, I teach solely at home .

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What I teach

Mostly I teach guitar skills. My portfolio incorporates:
    * Classical guitar (Trinity classical guitar grade exams offered on request)
    * Acoustic guitar
    * Electric guitar
    * Electric Bass guitar
    * Mandolin
    * Ukulele
    * Basic banjo 
    * Rhythm, lead, improvisation
    * Reading and writing music
    * Providing arrangements for individuals and bands
    * Reading and creating tablature ("tab")

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Where, how, whom, when and why I teach

During term times, I work for the South Gloucestershire Education Authority Music & Arts Service.  This brings me into eight different schools each week to teach children how to play, and improve their skills, on guitar.

Private students, I teach from home, in what used to be a dining room (!!). Amps, music stands, comfort always at the ready

I will tailor the lessons to suit the individual.  This could entail:
    * Use of a pre-purchased book - with or without CD
    * Teaching how to play a specific song/riff/lick/solo
    * Use of my own home-prepared worksheets on a wide range of aspects
    * Tabbing out individual songs
    * Starting from absolute scratch with a complete beginner
    * Classical guitar graded exams (Trinity Guildhall)
    * Combinations of all, some or none of the above!!!
    * Restringing service

Generally speaking, I teach beginners and moderate-to-intermediately skilled students.  This is purely because those of you out there who are already beyond "intermediate" are probably happy working on your own style and skillset.  However, there is always me.....

My schoolwork now takes up three working days a week, in term times only. Private teaching tends to be in the post-school hours - ideally finishing by 6.00pm, so I can work on my other commitments.  However, in the school holidays I am also available for daytime teaching  - prior commitments pending.  By which I mean, if not already booked to work already.  

I have no vacancies for weekend teaching, and will not ever take any new students on in the weekend
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What else I do (within my music, that is)

    * Band leader and singer/guitarist. My current "band" is Rochentune. Mpre details are to be found on www.rochentune.co.uk
       Our first CD is now out and availble. 
   * TV projects
Most notably I was originally involved as bassist for a project on the death of Brian Jones - Rolling Stones founder, having been involved in & on a BBC Inside Out programme.
    * Solo singer/songwriter: I have in the past (when time was more on my side) performed across the UK and Eire with my own songs, both Christian and (mostly) secular.  I still intend to get my solo CDs recorded and for sale.
    * Celtic folk Having been in loud folk-based metal goth punk psychadelic band Bluehorses for two years, it was great to be approached by top flautist/piper Nicky Barnes (ex Penradin, and still working with her marimba-playing brother) to form a duet. I bought a looper, and Rochentune (www.rochentune.co.uk) was born. I am very proud of what the two of us  have, can, and will achieve - definitely my most exciting musical project ever.

How to contact me

Email me -
(Don't forget your own email address if you need a reply!)
Phone/text me - 07971 469 155

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