Jakey Graupner

Bass callup Oct 24 2009with truth2tell, 2007Bristol Brewhouse, 1999Jakey Bluehorse, Derby 2004Shavey Jakey, Nov 2008MandoJakey, CRS 2004Caught teaching ukulele to a class, 2007Christmas 2003!Bassing for S Glos Youth Jazz Orchestra, 2006

Multi-instrumental musician, singer, writer of songs, teacher, Christian.
Not necessarily in that order...



By Appointment


This is Jakey's current project.

More details in the very near future.

Rehearsals going nicely, but still needing a keyboard player.

Our bass player hasn't made a rehearsal as yet (Oct 30)

However, singing is going EXTREMELY well....

Remember - more details in the very near future.


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