Jakey Graupner

Bass callup Oct 24 2009with truth2tell, 2007Bristol Brewhouse, 1999Jakey Bluehorse, Derby 2004Shavey Jakey, Nov 2008MandoJakey, CRS 2004Caught teaching ukulele to a class, 2007Christmas 2003!Bassing for S Glos Youth Jazz Orchestra, 2006

Multi-instrumental musician, singer, writer of songs, teacher, Christian.
Not necessarily in that order...





There have been a few (totally unavailable now) recordings of Jakey - the obsessively perfectionistic.

There IS a truth2tell CD available, for a very fair price.

and a few truth2tell T-shirts...

Jakey also has stock of various books and musical items, including:
The Guitarists Way tuition book series
Trinity Guitar Grade series
Cables, plectrums (picks)
Various tuners, chordfinders, the occasional guitar....

Some day soon there will be a Paypal-driven merchandising page here...

Plus, stage and lighting gear for hire. Talk to him...


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