Jakey Graupner

Bass callup Oct 24 2009with truth2tell, 2007Bristol Brewhouse, 1999Jakey Bluehorse, Derby 2004Shavey Jakey, Nov 2008MandoJakey, CRS 2004Caught teaching ukulele to a class, 2007Christmas 2003!Bassing for S Glos Youth Jazz Orchestra, 2006

Multi-instrumental musician, singer, writer of songs, teacher, Christian.
Not necessarily in that order...





truth2tell was a project that turned into a live and loud Christian rock band

The band performed, led worship and praised around the greater Bristol area.
They gigged once in Greater London...
...just the once :(

truth2tell promised great things, and home-produced a 5 track CD. Still available...

As a working band, truth2tell ran out of steam and finally stopped when Jakey lost his voice and his hair over December 08 -February 09

The name is being kept alive however, as there are plans to keep creating music for the Lord in a high-octane stylee.

There is a separate website, www.truth2tell.net, which should be revamped, but at this time probably still lives in 2008...

.... but please remember to breathe occasionally!




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